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The volunteers from the Community Group “Pride in Linthwaite” are set to host an annual village event in the field at the top off Hoyle Ing, off Causeway Side. The event will be an amazing family day, with craft stalls, food and drink, activities, shows and a number of other attractions like a dog show and local business tug of war competition in the afternoon; with an outside barmand live bands into the early evening. The event has the backing of all 3 local Councillors, who have all agreed that its one thing Linthwaite needs to give the Community an identity like the other villages in the valley.

The event will be called “Linthwaite Leadboilers” taking the story from when the
local people of Linthwaite used to collect lead musket shot from the firing range
during the civil war, then selling the lead to give the money to the poorer families in the valley. There’s an urban myth that they tried to melt the lead in a pot of water but we all know that would have turned it to gold anyway!

The Pride in Linthwaite Group are looking for live bands, dance groups, local
stallholders with food, crafts and activities etc if you’d like to get in touch if you
have something which they could use in the event. The team are yet to confirm all the above details and respective permissions, but planning is now well under way for an amazing day and The Three Fiends Brewery will be providing Real ale and facilities on the day too.

The Pride in Linthwaite team have been busy recently with the launch of “Linthwaite in Bloom”, tidying up areas of the village and installing planters and planting bulbs. In addition, the “Keeping Linthwaite Tidy” team (another sub-group) have collected around 500 bags of rubbish over the last 12 months.

Pride in Linthwaite also have a Planning Team looking at the Place Standards and Local Plan as well as having a Youth Engagement team too!

If anyone would like to get involved in any of the groups or the Leadboilers event, please find Pride in Linthwaite on Facebook and get in touch or call Malc Coton on 07747 018405.