Bags mixed yarn/wool incl. full and part balls + knitted scraps. Over 6 kilos.

Offered by Judy Hinchliffe in Huddersfield
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There are some full balls of wool/yarn, some part balls, some small scraps and some very small scraps (a couple of metres or less) and some ready-knitted pieces. Suitable for creative work with yarn and textiles. Suitable for weaving and for making patchworks or miscellaneous items which people might like to make. Good for community projects - e.g. large wall-hangings with a collage of different knitted bits making a picture. Suitable for customising clothes, making little gifts, place mats, quirky hats or anything people want to make. The wool/yarn is all clean and in good condition. Some of it was quite expensive, some very expensive, some just average. There are some great colours and great textures.

What is being charged?
Free of charge

Total weight 6.5 kilos. Currently in two bags but could be split. Too much for one person to carry all at once.
* If you'd like to borrow this, you'll be asked to agree to these terms:

The stuff is free for the taking. The condition is that they take the whole lot. I would like it that whoever takes it would give away ( a charity such as Oxfam that does recycling) any bits they don't want but that's up to them. I would like the stuff to be put to good use and to be recycled rather than binned, please.